Medardo A. Cevallos

Medardo A Cevallos

   I moved from Ecuador to South Florida in 2000 and has since resided in the sunshine state. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double major in Finance and Economics. During my college tenure, I was highly active in student organizations and gained a wide array of experience working and interning in different types of industries, such as; hospitality, marketing, energy and banking.


  Upon graduation, my family ties and love for South Florida caused me to gravitate to job opportunities in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. Given his Latin American background, a career in banking with exposure to global and Latin American markets was the most attractive choice and thus, I began working for Citigroup; with the Internal Audit department focusing on Capital Markets and the Institutional Clients Businesses, after three years and a few promotions, my entrepreneurial mindset was hindered under the corporate structure and decided to join his father in business with Home Financial Group.